This is not a travel post: Her Top 5s of 2012


5) Learning Polish

This year I started learning Polish in anticipation of going to Poland next year. I’m pretty excited by the fact that I can count to 15 and have a short conversation (how are you etc). And it really pleases me that the boything’s mum is happy I’m learning. One day I’d like to be fluent but right now I’ll be happy to get by there.

4) Recognition at work

This year I went from an ordinary sales associate to an assistant manager in all but title. I’ve done a lot of new things in my time with Three and I admit I get a bit gleeful when this is recognised. In June I got an Assistant Manager of the Month Award, In July I went to a Manager’s meeting and at the end of the year I received the top spot of the year in our store banding.

3) Moving House

Leicester wasn’t exactly somewhere I ever planned on living, I’d only been here a handful of times, mostly involving train changes. But I love it a lot here, it’s so vibrant and so much more of everything than Kettering was. And it’s vastly different from the three years I spent in Manchester too.

2) London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics

What can I say about London 2012 without flailing a lot about the entire thing? From the pride of being a Brit, to the joy felt at Olympic Park nothing can describe how much I loved our two days in London in September. We saw Paralympic ponies dace at Greenwich Park, pieced together all the rules of a sport we’d not head of three weeks before and made a very good friend in a games maker. It inspired the boy to start a new sport and pushed us both to apply to volunteer at the next winter Olympics in Russia!

1) My gorgeous boything.

This was a year of change for both of us, but especially as I’ve never had a long-term relationship it was all new to me. And I couldn’t be more in love with my honeybunch.


5) Call Me Maybe – Glee Cast Cover

4) New York, New York (FBW Remix) – Ray Quinn Feat. Ultra Love)

3) Sexy and I Know it – LMFAO

2) Gangnam Style – PSY

1) We Are Young – fun.


5) The Hunger Games

4) The Dark Night Rises

3) Skyfall

2) The Hobbit

1)  Avengers Assemble

I hope that 2013 brings more of the same and that we have a happy, healthy future together <3


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