First steps

Well Twizzles and I have done it, we went to the bank this morning and we have all we need to book our first trip to Europe. It was vital to life that we picked up chinese food before ordering the flights – which incidentally is the first thing we did. Once Twizzles exercised my bank card on the Ryanair site, I got twitchy about Chernobyl. I called up the travel agent whom arrange the jaunts from Kiev to the exclusion zone (they organise the permits (yes, of course you need permits) and travel to and from the power station and the abandoned city of Prypiat). Only a bloody voice mail!! Fortunately there was an email address so she dropped them a mail and guess what?! the dates are vacant!! so we booked it in. The most important things are booked in and my debit card has had a good workout. If any of you ever needs a credit card; go to the post office. I went to The Money Shop, surrounded by pictures of that orange idiot David Dickinson the guy looked at me like I was someone who was desperate for any kind of credit and spoke to me like I was about seven. So instead I went to the post office, nice simple and you get it instantly :-) We still have more to book tomorrow, cant wait for it all to be done and confirmed!

Till next time, much love 



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