T-24 days

Wow wow wow…. Its nearly time to go. Twizzles has been making lists of the lists of the things we will need whilst I have… well, getting excited lol.

I have recently spoken to our organiser for the Chernobyl trip and I have discovered that it may just be possible to see inside one or two of the buildings. This is sooo exciting. I purchased COD4 because if the Pripyat environment and now I might actually get to see inside one of the buildings!! ImageThis an image of the public pool in Pripyat; exercise was hugely encouraged by the communists and sport and leisure facilities were often available. I do not own this image and I’m pretty sure the right hand image is simply a rendering of what it might have looked like in its day. I could be wrong of course. But on the left is what you can see today; I wonder if the pool was drained or if it simply evaporated over time. Anyone know?

I’m going to sign off now but this is Zombie getting back into the blogging and gearing up for my big adventure with Twizzles.

Much Love 




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