OMG we’re in Poland

Day 1 13h 25m AET
First of all I’d like to apologise for the title, Twizzles wanted it like that.
Wow, what a first day!
The smiles started as soon as we got on the flight. It was very crowded and this rather lovely conversation took place as soon as almost everyone was seated
Steward (Karol) gets the attention of a lady and this happened:
Karol: Excuse me, I have a question I’d like to ask you.
Lady: Yes?
Karol: we’re the tray tables down when you got to these seats?
Lady: Yes
Karol: Did it have one of these “Reserved” signs on it? (Holds up sign)
Lady: Yes it did (holds up the one from her seat)
Karol: Can you tell me what the picture indicates?
Lady: Yes it shows someone sitting down with a line through them meaning you shouldn’t sit here because it is reserved.
Karol: then can you please explain to me (getting louder and more patronizing) why you decided to sit there?
Lady: Yes I have a reservation for this seat
Karol: oh my god I am so so sorry…. (spouts of platitudes)

I love Ryanair sometimes


So at Krakow airport we were told it was a brisk 2km walk to our hotel… Nooo we caught a 20 min train into town and then a bus back out of town lol,


I have realised how much I have missed Poland.. Such a beautiful friendly place and everyone seems happy to help. Exquisite food too, so far we have only had a sandwich and a Precle (pretzel) but OMG how tasty and fresh?!?
Now the plan is fro Twizzles and I to snooze off the lack of sleep and then head into the old town

I’ll probably post again tonight but sleep may call so if not I’ll post over breakfast

Much Love


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