Travelling up the country.

Today was much of a quiet and trains day. Due to a slightly restless night we jut had breakfast in the hotel then packed up our things watching Dr Who. We did find out that after my stomach’s wrestle with yesterday’s chicken nuggets I’ve pulled a muscle so it’s a wee bit hard to move more than an inch. But luckily that pharmacist’s understanding of “deep heat” has got us some muscle cream that’s doing its job slowly.

Anyway we found some snackables in a mini supermarket with a grumpy cashier and what did we find but two bottles of coke next to each other with the Polish spelling of Zombie’s full name! As a side note Coke have assumed that there’s a lot of Pawels in Poland alongside the odd Stephen and Nathan.


Shopping gotten we went and waited on our platform for the train. Now I’ve never travelled British first class because it’s hellishly expensive compared to normal but in Poland it’s another 30PLN which is about a fiver so we decided to give it a go. The train which turned up was really long so we had to walk the entire length of the platform to even get on. Polish platforms are a but crazy as they’re not standardised in the least, some you have to go down steps to get on, some you have to go up steps and some have a gap that’s easily a foot across, the steps on the side a tiny bit closer than that.
We found our seats and hoped nobody else would join out 6 seat cabin, unfortunately an Israeli guy did however he proved to be a bit of amusement for us. We got underway and once out of the city you can see green for miles, we even saw a tiny baby pony and lots of very thin cows!

As you always have a nice chap with Zombie’s Uncle’s name comes round with a tea trolley, drinks, crisps etc and our new companion thought he’d buy a bag of crisps, with a 100PLN note, now that sounds excessive to anyone but its pretty common to have them here as it would be about £20 but the crisps were 5PLN (£1.20~). Also as we were first class we were the first customers for them so the poor lad didn’t have any change or enough English to explain so. Luckily Zombie Translator to the rescue and he managed to tell the passenger that they trolley man would come round again and should have change so the guy can pay then.

Continuing on we took some pictures, watched the country go by, played some games and about half the journey had gone by, it took just over 3 hours overall. It was hot and sunny but there’s large windows on these European trains so we had it pulled all the way down.

Now, having the window open caused the curtains to blow about a fair bit, mine even went out the window at one point! But our cohabiter thought he’d tie his out of the way in the EMERGENCY BREAK PULL! Good thing Zombie noticed quick enough!

Here’s some panoramas Zombie took out of each side of the train.



We’re going to have a quiet night in as there’s not much to do here other than a restaurant so we’ll eat in the hotel and we have an early morning tomorrow because we have to pick up our tickets 3 hours before our flight to Kiev, so early D:

The weather is still gorgeous, I hope it is there.



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