Kiev (not a long one)

Evening from Kiev or Kyiv to be correct about it.

This is a fascinating city. We haven’t seen much yet as we have only been out to find dinner… Which was delicious btw, a similar style to that of Poland with a lot of meat and fish mixed with preserved foods.
Julia who runs our Hostel or Хостел in Ukrainian is lovely and really friendly, we chat together with me in Polish and her in Ukrainian, resorting to English where we have to. The people are lovely but do have some funny ideas about traffic, eg park and drive anywhere including the pavements lol. The Metro is a soviet relic which means that many of the original stations are almost palatial in design. Bit grotty now though, shame really as it was one thing the soviets did right.

Not going to put much more in here as we have to be up early to fulfil a dream I have had for many years.
One last thing tho… If you can, fly Ukrainian international airlines, the stewardesses are gorgeous lol. Twizzles won’t mind me putting that, she knows i’ll always behave myself.

Till tomorrow then,

Peace love and DFTBA

Zombie xxxx


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