On the road to Chernobyl

Thought I’d reflect a little on the sights as we go along to the exclusion zone. It feels like this former Soviet state is still reeling from the western influence that the communist collapse caused. There massive old apartment blocks, grotty and crumbling but still going strong. But these are being adorned with west advertising like Sony and Samsung (I know they’re east of me… You know what I mean). There are many New builds too but there seems to be no attempt clean up the old stuff. The skyline is still marked by many chimney stacks too, made even more conspicuous by the red and white stripes so typical of these icons of communist production. We are now surrounded by a heavily wooded area as we travel north, this kind of view quite common in Poland too. The people on our tour seem nice, met an American chap called Sean and our delightful young guide called Anastasia she is very young looking which is accentuated by her hight (quite small). But as I well know by my own experiences and by my beautiful Twizzles, appearances are almost always deceptive.

Just past a church which a massive communist icon in its grounds. So much history here.

Going to finish here and I’ll post this tonight when I get WiFi back

Peace out and НЗБД
Zombie xxxx


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