Дякую Київ (Thank you Kyiv)

First of all I’d like to apologise for not including any pictures from yesterday so here are a couple for you. The iconic Pripyat sign which gives the illusion that it stands at the start of a long road leading into Pripyat, it doesn’t really, it sits on a fork. The road from behind runs through the “red forest” which is so badly contaminated that even driving at speed the Geiger counters started screaming warnings of 5uSv/h… Much the same as when we were at the reactor. As you face the sign the road to the left is the one for Pripyat where as the right hand road leads back to the power station.
The other picture is the iconic Ferris wheel of course, I’ve posted this pic because its Twizzles’ favourite :-)



As for Kiev, we had a lovely touristy day, buying birthday presents and tat for everyone else. Friendship arch was pretty but the most amazing thing of all was the view from the top.. This is really a stunning country; communist history, friendly people, amazing food.
***misty eyed tangent***
The furnunculer is a cable hauled train which drags up the side of the mountain on which half of Kiev is perched, this made Twizzles panic a little, to be honest, it was a bit worrying but great fun. A market on a back street hill yielded some lovely presents for the family and at the bottom we visited the Chernobyl museum and signed the book. It seemed like the right thing to and whilst we didn’t understand most of the details, what we saw put our visit into perspective, this wasn’t just about a disaster, these were real people.

I would recommend Kiev for a short visit, say for 3-4 days. Learn some Ukrainian Cyrillic, include a trip to Chernobyl (We used http://www.lupinetravel.co.uk if you don’t live in the UK visit http://www.tourkiev.com). And finally, be ready for some long walks and a beautiful city.

Дякую Київ! Дуже Дякую to Yulia, Anastasia, Sean and Igor, you all helped make this one to really remember!

Much love
Зомбі xxxxxx


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