An odd adventure.

This week Zombie and I are working our bums off at our volunteering job. We have a retail unit in St Martin’s Square in Leicester and we’ve set it up as a place to buy merch and tickets for Let’s Dance International Festival which launches on Tuesday evening (tickets are only £5, come down). We’ll be doing this most of the next five weeks, with the exception of when we have to work work and five days starting May 18th when we’re going on our next European excursion.

Now neither of us are the sort of person to want to sit around and do nothing, we’d rather go for a walk or visit a museum etc, so that makes this holiday a strange one. We’re going to The Algarve to sit on a beach for five days!
Originally when we booked three weeks off work we we’re going to be much more needed for #LDIF2014 running merch and a café but as it stands we’ve got some spare time on our hands. So three days ago we decided we would go somewhere and two days ago we booked Portugal. We have four nights bed and breakfast a five minute walk from a beach, it was really cheap so we’re not expecting all the bells and whistles but we both felt like we needed a break.

Expect some photos from the festival goings on and it’s my 25th birthday soon also, then we’re off on a plane!

Peace out~