Once more unto the breach

So it’s been a long time since I last posted. I’ve been thinking about the adventures that Twizzles and I have shared so far in our lives together and wanted to share share some of them. 

We have been to Paris and the Algarve in the last year.. I got completely stuffed by a street seller lol; he turns up and starts thrusting roses at her.. I ask (exasperated) how much? He then gives her more and she just gives me that look that says “please”. So when I ask again how much he just says “how ever much you want”. Now I usually keep my bank notes separate but this time I pull on a €5 and €10 comes out with it! And wouldn’t you know? The three roses cost exactly €15!

I made her keep them safe, we still have them lol.

It’s now time to take on the next big adventure!

We’re getting married and we’re going to celebrate by going once around the world! 

We’re going to New Zealand and I will finally get to look up and see the southern cross in the sky. That will be another “Achievement Unlocked” for my life…. Now that I think about it so will being happily married. (don’t read too much into that statement, if you don’t understand I then I’m not explaining, if you do, no explanation is needed)

Much live



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