I never did manage to put a post on here about us planning ourselves a wedding but that wedding happened this Tuesday!

#ZombieTwizzlesWedding was everything we could have hoped for and so much more. We wanted something pretty low key but still a teeny bit fancy and with much fun, we certainly had that as we were in a castle but neither of us are the sort of people to not have a bit of a mumble to each other no matter the occasion.

Getting to Portsmouth was quite a mission as you would not believe how much stuff we had with us, both for our wedding, decorations for the reception and actual people, but we got there in the end. Picked up the cake and went to drop the decorations off at the reception venue. Where bff Jimmy & I then had to put some of the centre pieces together too (ginormous thank you to her Nan who is literally the most masterful person with ribbons). But then we needed one final book for the centre pieces so we had a quick dash back to the same street where the cake came from and then back to the hotel to check people in. Then a quick change and onwards to the festivities.

To start off the “weekend” we had a lovely family dinner at The Wave Maiden in central Southsea, highly recommended if you like craft beer but not if you can’t eat cheese (turns out there’s one thing you can eat on their menu if you are allergic). We milled around talking to the family, catching up with a few we hadn’t spoken to for a while and then sat upstairs at their 10 people “German ale house” table. Much wineing and dining was had and then Zombie made me walk aaaallllll the way back to our hotel, how very rude ;)

We woke up together on our wedding morining, I know, shunning tradition as usual packed up and went to find a jet wash for the car and breakfast. Good news was we bought breakfast and found a jet wash, bad news was the jet wash was broken so we just bought come car wipes and got rid of all the bird poop. It’s not like the car was dirty but it seems the birds of South England are quite prolific with their pooping and one doesn’t want to drive to their wedding in a messy car. Continuing on we ate breakfast and dropped me off to get my hair done whilst Zombie attempted to check in to our wedding night hotel early in another luckily he got the lovliest little room with a sea view.
Any way boring stuff aside we both went our ways to get ready, I had my lovely Best Lady Jimmy and very good friend Jess to boss me around and get me clothed as well as his Best Man Anya (yes, a girl) to make us all up with pretty. I must say they all did a superb job, everyone looked gorgeous and Jess well kept us on track with the timetable and the dressing. Our photograher James was around from 10:30 and he was brilliant at capturing the moments without being too in our way or making us do posed photos too much, he even went out for a cheeky smoke so I could get my dress on with just us girls. Which was a mission and a half let me tell you, turns out the main part of the dress was shorter than I had expected and my hold-up stockings had to be pulled very up to not show the tops underneath. And the overskirt I had altered was a little hard to pee in! But once we got there it was great.Anya, Jess and James left me at 12:30 to get the last of my bits together whilst they went to take some photos of Zombie man getting ready and in to his suit with Anya.

A photo posted by Jessica (@dukeofwesselton) on Jul 21, 2015 at 6:48am PDT

I have to say that I’m a little glad that the last hour was just me and my bff because I did have a little bit of a “holy crap am I doning this?” moment and it was nice to just put my earrings in and necklace on with her. As we were leaving to get to the Castle we ran in to my future mother- and sister-in-law and had a couple of photos outside the hotel. Here’s the fun part: I had to drive myself to the wedding :) no-one was insured on the car who was with me and it was a bit of fun too, except someone blocked me in and turns out heels are pretty awkward to drive in so I did a naughty and drove in just my stockings!

A photo posted by Vicki (Jimmy) (@drowsyzebra) on Jul 21, 2015 at 1:00pm PDT

Getting to the venue we were met by my parents and James the photo man. Jess was doing an impecable job wrangling the people and keeping Davey and I apart, no spoilers for us now. There were a couple of panicky moments when someone told me they were making Davey wait at the wrong end, I knew I had to walk down the aisle with him next to me, starting it as we meant to go on but luckily they let him move so the crisis was averted. Some photos were taken and then it was my turn to talk to the registrars just to make sure I knew who I was and who I was marrying! Must say I didn’t think my shoes through when I was picking the venue, so many cobbles!

And then it was time! I walked up the stairs with my Best Lady and the wonderful venue coordinator Sharon holding up my skirt. Then there we were, all grown up getting married to my best friend. I’m so glad that he ass standing near the door, with all the people we love watching us it was a little nervy for us but we had each other and our pretty song “Concerning Hobbits” from the first Lord of the Rings movie and all was great. The ceremony was quite simple, just some words of confirmation that we wanted to be married, no one objecting and the I take yous before we spoke our vows to each other. We had both written them out on cards so that we could read them then have to keep after and what a debacle that turned into, we both ended up just reading them and tossing them on to the table and my main quote was split across two cards! But it was so lovely to hear what we had to say to each other and yes we did have a bit of a happy cry each. We were told by a few people later that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room at all. Achievement unlocked: Make 40 peole cry at once.

And then we were Married! We signed the paperwork to the Moonlight Sonnata  because we couldn’t seem to pick anything else and left the room together to Another Girl Another Planet *our* song. We did some meeting and greeting with our guests and had photos with everyone who asked. Then many many posed photos from our list.

Also to please Mr Fencer a guard of honour was held for us by his fencing coach and included family and friends, a well as a group of them doing a salute together.

It was quite strange being the centre of attention, everyone wanted a photo with me and it felt a little like they didn’t want as many with Davey, even though he looked so dapper in his tails and bow tie. But I’m glad that everyone had a great time and so many people said how beautiful the ceremony was, we didn’t want anything fancy and that’s exactly what we got.

A photo posted by Jessica (@dukeofwesselton) on Jul 21, 2015 at 10:17am PDT

We all went our separate ways then as we had to have some more photos taken with just us and everyone else needed to find themselves the way to the party and some dinner. We walked along to the pier, pushed some pennies, sat on a carousel and of course stood on the beach! Then we hopped in a taxi to the reception. I admit I got a little snappy when it was 5pm and not only were some people not actually there yet but no one was even in the reserved room for us to meet them. But that got sorted quite quickly and all was well. We entered and the drinks began, of course I did nearly trip over the dress as we entered but I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.

The food was great, the chatting was great and I could finally get out of the floaty long skirt and heels! And then we cut the cake, had some awesome speeches and then a wonderful first dance. Everyone danced, the photo man went home and we had the time of our lives. There was absolutely disco dancing towards the end but I’m not sure who got pictorial evidence…

So many people have told us since how much they enjoyed our day and we really couldn’t have done it without each one of them be it for the help, the ideas, the fixings, the love or just plain turning up. I could keep waxing on about how lovely it was and such but let’s be honest, the people most likely reading this were there with us. So thank you to everyone and I leave you with my words from a photo I posted the other day after opening all our wonderful cards.


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