First Days in NZ

Kia Ora from Auckland! Ok so I have always dreamed of going to New Zealand… Ever since I was very very young I wanted to go… Why? I hear you ask; and I answer. Because I wanted to see the Southern Cross.. For those of you who don’t know Crux (to give it its proper name) is a constellation that only appears in the southern sky and has been a point of navigation for years. As a child I used to stare at the picture of it and yesterday evening I saw it… “Achievement Unlocked: Southern Cross 100LS”

So the journey then.. 30 hours took us from Portsmouth to Worthing, then on to Heathrow. Quick conversation with the lovely lady in red and we had seats with more legroom for our Virgin Atlantic flight to Hong Kong. Now Twizzles’ Sister (and mine now lol) swears by Virgin, in fact I believe she won’t fly with anyone else (apologies if I’m wrong on that). But I don’t really see it.. It was OK, the people we’re nice but I wasn’t blown away by it all. Still, we were comfy and we had a fairly good sleep.

Hong Kong looked like it would be nice to visit but no time for that now; we grabbed a quick meal and a fridge magnet (so we can officially say we have ‘been’ to Hong Kong) and ran for our plane… Which was delayed lol!

Not their fault, this was on the airport. 

Speaking of… Have you ever had your name called at an airport? We have! And it’s actually quite unnerving; everything is supposed to go well at the airport but when they say “there is a message waiting for you at the gate” it does make you wonder. 

Happily it was only some admin required to enter NZ. But we were away in fairly good time.. Now it is here that I have to tell you about the first level of awesomeness of Air New Zealand.. Ants, who greeted us as we boarded asked how we were and I told him we were fantastic because Honeymoon. He was really excited to hear about it and I thought that was that but no! Once we were up in the air he came along with champagne for us to toast the honeymoon and he addressed both by name even though he only saw my boarding card for just a few seconds! And then he wanted to hear about the wedding and how it went…. You jus don’t find that anywhere! 

Now when we arrived in HK there were border guards with face masks and huge temperature sensors searching for anyone with a higher body temperature. There’s still a big concern about bird flu and sars there and they take no chances.

But when we arrive in Auckland there is no red or green channel at customs.. In fact it isn’t even called customs; it’s Bio-security and they take it very seriously. Anything that could potentially damage their ecosystem: fruit, meat, eggs, honey, plants, animals even hiking equipment.. It’s all banned and if you don’t declare it or ditch it before Bio-security you get a $400 fine. 

No problems tho, we got through the guards, sniffer dogs and x-ray machines so we headed into Auckland and we are seriously tired.. Desperately in need of a shower lol.. Our lovely spacious apartment was ready so we crashed for an hour before forcing ourselves up and off to find some dinner.

The Crab Shack is much nicer than it sounds with some great food and a lovely atmosphere. I ordered the “Lobster Burger” which comes to you open and the Lobster Tail split and finishing cooking on your own individual mini BBQ! How awesome is that?! 

So we ate and came home.. Crashing out for a good 12 hours sleep.
Ah! Much better!

First full day in NZ; and after a nice relaxing breakfast we went in search of Thirteen Needles.. A tattoo place recommended by our server at Crab Shack… And I got my first tattoo in several years.. It’s representation of NZ with the southern cross around it but the stars are red with blue shading as if they had been taken from the flag and not the sky. I love it and it’s a far more permanent souvenir than any fridge magnet. 
Right, enough.. I have a long drive to Rotorua tomorrow so I’m going to sleep 
Much love 

Z xx
PS. It’s now 0650 tomorrow morning, I’ve been awake since about 0300 this morning. Guess my body clock is still not quite there


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