Fencing with Taupo Swords

Before we came out here Twizzles had planned for me to join a fencing class in Taupo for an evening, the idea was for me to get a little time fencing because I was going to be so long between fencing classes. This escalated rather quickly because when their coach found out I was qualified he asked me to teach a lesson! And so I did… A compound attack is an attack in fencing that includes one or more feints… 

This was the basis of the lesson taught, I won’t go into more fencing speak though lol.

The group were of various skill levels but had not had the typical training that most British clubs have had. But it was an enjoyable experience and felt really good to teach and pass on my knowledge so far from where I learnt. 

Actually I thought I’d have more to share about this but I don’t lol… I’m so grateful to Twizzles for arranging this for me!


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