Catch up time.. Wellington 

The South Island is an amazing place and it’s been hard to find the time to write so let’s talk about the capital… Wellington.

First of all… It’s nicer than Auckland (sorry, but it is) 

The city sits on the edge of a massive bay surrounded by mountains which gives some lovely views and a few driving challenges.

We went first to Weta workshop which a a nice tour showing the process they use to build up props for the various movies they have worked on. There is obviously loads of Lord of the Rings stuff there but I was delighted to find props from the Halo promotional shorts including the one and only fully scaled and operational Warthog! (If you understand that last sentence you’ll know why I was excited!)

They have a fully rigged armoury there too which I was starring at longingly and Twizzles said out loud “you just want to go and play don’t you?”…. My wife knows me!

We spent a bit of time and money in the shop before heading back to town.  And yes it was all Lord of the Rings stuff lol. For a mere $16000 they will make a replica Sting sword for you… Their masters swordsmith makes it to order and to the highest standards. Basically, you could take it into battle!

Now unfortunately Twizzles wasn’t feeling too well in the afternoon so I took a ride on the cable car myself. Not as steep as Kyiv but longer with intermediate stations lol.

Wonderful views from up top and I sat, relaxed, wrote a few postcards and just enjoyed the view.

The next day we drove up to Rivendell but found the most beautiful reserve and would you believe it… Rainforests!!

We crossed a swing bridge (a metal Indiana Jones bridge) and went for a walk. As is so often the case, it’s so hard to describe in words what it was like… Beautiful hardly does it justice but it will have to do.

Nearby is the area used for the Rivendell scenes and although it’s all gone now there are signs up to show where things were and this…

A half size replica of the gate way and here is Twizzles wondering if Mordor is left or right.

And just in case you missed it…

Here are her Tattoos again..

Seriously adorable right?

Z xx


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