Wine on the South Island 

We landed on South Island in a torrent of light drizzle and headed for Blenheim. We were already running late for our wine tour so we made our way as quickly as we could to the motel. Then disaster!! *thunder and lightning sounds*… Bank cards wouldn’t work!! We called Barclays and as is often the case you need to try twice with a call centre to get the helpful person. The second guy saw what was wrong and got us through to fraud where he bent the rules just enough to get us back up and running again! Good thing too because we were going to buy wine!

So at Steve & Jo’s wine tours we saddled up and hit the trails.

We had about 2 1/2 hours to get through 5 wine tastings… Why 5 you say? Because there was a gold medal at stake! Yes if you get around 5 cellar doors out of a list of about 20 in a day you get a Golden Mile medal. We had less than a day to do this and Twizzles and I work best when there is some pointless or absurd prize at the end. So 5 cellar doors, much delicious wine, one amazing tasting platter and 5 bottles sitting happily in our panniers we made it back with a gold medal each! Proper heavy metal one too!

We are definitely doing this again in the summer but the weather held and it made for a great ride. Big thanks to Steve & Jo, Cherylea motel for being both very comfortable and understanding, Finlay at Barclays and the wineries at Frammingham, Forrest, Wairau River, No. 1 and Giesen for an amazing afternoon!! 


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