Lakes and Mountains 

Setting out from Blenheim on a very pleasant morning we were making for the west coast town of Greymouth. I’m sorry to report that there was nothing massively exciting to report on this leg of the journey. Twizzles did a share of the driving which she seemed to greatly enjoy which left me to relax and enjoy more stunning scenery.But I did do this: 

 Arriving in Greymouth on a rainy Sunday afternoon meant that this otherwise lively coastal town was quite dead. But after a quick lunch it was onwards to the Great Alpine Highway and our overnight halt at Bealey. Now New Zealand has many single track river bridges and you quickly get used to them. You also get used to railway lines snaking over your road and back again but… I will never forget the single track bridge that was shared with the railway… No not next to the road… Trains and cars share the same space in both directions!! Weirdest thing I have ever seen!

Driving up the highway was a little disappointing but once you hit the mountains all expectations of a mountain road came true including rock fall shelters and even an over bridge to direct a waterfall away from the road!

We arrived at Bealey tired but awestruck by what we saw… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Amazing right? But after a good night sleep we had to move… We were heading this way:

And in true adventurer style we left at first light… Destination: Lake Tekapo!

We were planning to see the Glacial lakes Tekapo and Pukaki and if we were lucky… The Tasman Glacier itself… Again… Pictures rather than words

And that evening at Tekapo, New Zealand gave us the most astonishing gift 

I’m writing this in Auckland departure lounge waiting for the flight to San Francisco… Twizzles will be sharing her thoughts about the penguins we visited soon.

New Zealand is the most wonderful beautiful amazing country and you must visit here. Stop reading and go book your flight!

Thank you New Zealand… We will see you again

Peace love and be extremely excellent to each other 

Much love 

Z xx


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