Bye for now, Poland.

Just a quickie because I’m nearly out of free wifi time in the airport. We’re off to Kiev now and not sure of how good the Internet will be in the hostel but we’re going to Chernobyl tomorrow! Our flight out of Warsaw was changed to 5 minutes earlier without us knowing. But we got here in plenty of time so it’s all okay. Just about to board any minute!

See you in a few days Poland!


Twizzles & Zombie.



Breakfast of champions


An hour to wait on the floor of Stansted before we can ditch the bag and get airside. So what’s a traveler to do? (Twizzles has asked me to note that she’s excited) sit on the floor and eat a flapjack. My God, the sun isn’t even up and this place is heaving with people! So many asleep tho… I wonder how long they have been here and are they kicking themselves that they didn’t book a later bus? I’d question why there isn’t more seating this side… But even if I did… Someone would have beaten me to it! Speaking of, I did notice strategic towel placement, either the brits are practicing or the Germans are going home lol

I’ll post something again later on

Much Love