So I guess I’m finally uploading some photos

So I guess I'm finally uploading some photos

Click through to see the first two sets, the rest should be up over the course of the next couple days…


Communication is key!

Now the boything and I both work for a mobile phone company for a living so you can imagine that we’re both very dependent on our own means of communication. Our friend K is going to look into Polish SIM cards for us in a few weeks but I was wondering what your take is on it, Internets?

Has anyone been on holiday and just gotten by without or do you have a Baggie of foreign sims living in your carry on bag? Both of us will no doubt be blogging every day or two, as that’s the entire point of said travel blog in the first place, but is it possible to get by just using hotel wifi and coffee shops? Can’t say I won’t miss my constant Internet connection but I think it would do us both good to go incommunicado for a fortnight.

Also I’m thinking about getting a second hand iPad or tablet to take with us because I’m lazy and blogging on a bigger screen would def be an easier option. Though boything has asked the Sony rep about borrowing an Xperia Z for the trip, 13 megapixels of glorious 1080p video of us being tourists!

What would you do oh lovely bloggers of WordPress land?

Baggage trials and tribulations

Turns out no matter how awesome a bag for hand luggage is, if it isn’t under RyanAir hand baggage dimensions you’re screwed. 55x40x20 is not the same as 52x37x27 :(

But I am now the owner of the most gorgeous Radley suitcase in existence, it even came with two shoe bags and a wash bag.

Pics to follow~