An odd adventure.

This week Zombie and I are working our bums off at our volunteering job. We have a retail unit in St Martin’s Square in Leicester and we’ve set it up as a place to buy merch and tickets for Let’s Dance International Festival which launches on Tuesday evening (tickets are only £5, come down). We’ll be doing this most of the next five weeks, with the exception of when we have to work work and five days starting May 18th when we’re going on our next European excursion.

Now neither of us are the sort of person to want to sit around and do nothing, we’d rather go for a walk or visit a museum etc, so that makes this holiday a strange one. We’re going to The Algarve to sit on a beach for five days!
Originally when we booked three weeks off work we we’re going to be much more needed for #LDIF2014 running merch and a café but as it stands we’ve got some spare time on our hands. So three days ago we decided we would go somewhere and two days ago we booked Portugal. We have four nights bed and breakfast a five minute walk from a beach, it was really cheap so we’re not expecting all the bells and whistles but we both felt like we needed a break.

Expect some photos from the festival goings on and it’s my 25th birthday soon also, then we’re off on a plane!

Peace out~


Communication is key!

Now the boything and I both work for a mobile phone company for a living so you can imagine that we’re both very dependent on our own means of communication. Our friend K is going to look into Polish SIM cards for us in a few weeks but I was wondering what your take is on it, Internets?

Has anyone been on holiday and just gotten by without or do you have a Baggie of foreign sims living in your carry on bag? Both of us will no doubt be blogging every day or two, as that’s the entire point of said travel blog in the first place, but is it possible to get by just using hotel wifi and coffee shops? Can’t say I won’t miss my constant Internet connection but I think it would do us both good to go incommunicado for a fortnight.

Also I’m thinking about getting a second hand iPad or tablet to take with us because I’m lazy and blogging on a bigger screen would def be an easier option. Though boything has asked the Sony rep about borrowing an Xperia Z for the trip, 13 megapixels of glorious 1080p video of us being tourists!

What would you do oh lovely bloggers of WordPress land?


So, as I may have mentioned previously, I’m learning Polish. After all, what’s the point in going somewhere if you can’t even say thank you in their own tongue? [And boything’s Mama is pleased that I’m learning her mother tongue too, bonus girlfriend points to me ;).]

Now I’ve been learning about a month and a half and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy; there’s far too many constants, everything is spelt really strangely, and they roll their Rs. And that is inherently my downfall; I can the schf, I sort of get the cht but I’ll be buggered if I can make a rrrrrr sound.

And that is your homework as well as mine, Internet. Tell me if you can roll your R and if you could just do it or had to learn it, or actually if it’s part of your first language so you’ve never needed to learn.

Peace out~

Tstng. One. Two. Three…

This will be a kiltedtwizzles/fencewithzombie co-production involving European shenanigans!

#Europeans2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.
#ZombieTwizzles Poland & Ukraine August 2013.
#Sochi2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.
#CommonwealthGames2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.
#Midsummer2014 in Finland.
#Berlin at some point.

And hopefully more before we settle down and become boring adults with a house and puppies.

See you when I’ve figured out this WordPress malarkey.