Our mission.

So one thing we’ve not yet mentioned is Code Name: Hollibobs Translations which is basically our souvenir mission. Now most people will generally bring back from their travels some sort of cheap souvenirs or postcards or just rail tickets, of course we’ll have that but we’ve gone one better! In every country we visit we have decided to buy a Harry Potter book in the local language. The only rules for this are that we can’t buy a duplicate until we’ve completed a set of them, no matter how pretty they are.

Boything already has an American Sorcerer’s Stone and as we’re not likely to go to America any time soon we’ve decided that counts. So that meant that we could pick anything from 2-7 in Poland and Ukraine. Prisoner of Azkaban came from Poland because it has amazing chapter art and the “Dementor” chapter looked great.

Just now we found in a book shop a copy of Deathly Hallows but oddly it had the American cover art, just translated into Ukrainian. Se we held our horses, found the next book shop and they had all of them in really cool covers. We ended up getting Chamber of Secrets because I liked the crazy look on Lockhart’s face. The really cool thing about the Ukrainian editions is that when put together they form a full picture! We’ll have to come back here 6 more times ;)


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Keep Calm and DFTBA.




So, as I may have mentioned previously, I’m learning Polish. After all, what’s the point in going somewhere if you can’t even say thank you in their own tongue? [And boything’s Mama is pleased that I’m learning her mother tongue too, bonus girlfriend points to me ;).]

Now I’ve been learning about a month and a half and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy; there’s far too many constants, everything is spelt really strangely, and they roll their Rs. And that is inherently my downfall; I can the schf, I sort of get the cht but I’ll be buggered if I can make a rrrrrr sound.

And that is your homework as well as mine, Internet. Tell me if you can roll your R and if you could just do it or had to learn it, or actually if it’s part of your first language so you’ve never needed to learn.

Peace out~