So I guess I’m finally uploading some photos

So I guess I'm finally uploading some photos

Click through to see the first two sets, the rest should be up over the course of the next couple days…


Communication is key!

Now the boything and I both work for a mobile phone company for a living so you can imagine that we’re both very dependent on our own means of communication. Our friend K is going to look into Polish SIM cards for us in a few weeks but I was wondering what your take is on it, Internets?

Has anyone been on holiday and just gotten by without or do you have a Baggie of foreign sims living in your carry on bag? Both of us will no doubt be blogging every day or two, as that’s the entire point of said travel blog in the first place, but is it possible to get by just using hotel wifi and coffee shops? Can’t say I won’t miss my constant Internet connection but I think it would do us both good to go incommunicado for a fortnight.

Also I’m thinking about getting a second hand iPad or tablet to take with us because I’m lazy and blogging on a bigger screen would def be an easier option. Though boything has asked the Sony rep about borrowing an Xperia Z for the trip, 13 megapixels of glorious 1080p video of us being tourists!

What would you do oh lovely bloggers of WordPress land?


So, as I may have mentioned previously, I’m learning Polish. After all, what’s the point in going somewhere if you can’t even say thank you in their own tongue? [And boything’s Mama is pleased that I’m learning her mother tongue too, bonus girlfriend points to me ;).]

Now I’ve been learning about a month and a half and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy; there’s far too many constants, everything is spelt really strangely, and they roll their Rs. And that is inherently my downfall; I can the schf, I sort of get the cht but I’ll be buggered if I can make a rrrrrr sound.

And that is your homework as well as mine, Internet. Tell me if you can roll your R and if you could just do it or had to learn it, or actually if it’s part of your first language so you’ve never needed to learn.

Peace out~

Next bit done

Quick update people, our trip into the Chernobyl exclusion zone is confirmed!!! This is the biggy, we are going into the contaminated city of Prypiat which has stood abandoned since 28/04/1986.
As Capt. Macmillan in COD4 said “50,000 people used to live in this city. Now it’s a ghost town”
There will be pictures posted and I’ll do my best to document feelings and impressions whilst we are there. Once it’s clear in my head I’ll post a quick crash course in measurments read from a Geiger counter so if I say something reads 0.25 mSv it’ll mean something lol. Yes this’ll be the first blog ive written that includes homework lol

Much love

PS all future posts will include the tag zombietwizzles. Just fyi ;-)

First steps

Well Twizzles and I have done it, we went to the bank this morning and we have all we need to book our first trip to Europe. It was vital to life that we picked up chinese food before ordering the flights – which incidentally is the first thing we did. Once Twizzles exercised my bank card on the Ryanair site, I got twitchy about Chernobyl. I called up the travel agent whom arrange the jaunts from Kiev to the exclusion zone (they organise the permits (yes, of course you need permits) and travel to and from the power station and the abandoned city of Prypiat). Only a bloody voice mail!! Fortunately there was an email address so she dropped them a mail and guess what?! the dates are vacant!! so we booked it in. The most important things are booked in and my debit card has had a good workout. If any of you ever needs a credit card; go to the post office. I went to The Money Shop, surrounded by pictures of that orange idiot David Dickinson the guy looked at me like I was someone who was desperate for any kind of credit and spoke to me like I was about seven. So instead I went to the post office, nice simple and you get it instantly :-) We still have more to book tomorrow, cant wait for it all to be done and confirmed!

Till next time, much love 


Kraków Old Town, Poland.

Kraków Old Town, Poland.

Today has been a day of challenges, I’ve been trying to find hostels for our Poland/Kiev trip and it’s more of a mission than I expected. HostelBooker & TripAdvisor are the most helpful websites in the world but it doesn’t stop nearly everywhere being down to one room left for every single day we want to be in Krakow/Warsaw/Kiev.
Looks like we’re going to have to dip into our savings early to guarantee places to stay! Thank god you only have to pay the deposit before you turn up.

Also did you know that reading something as simple as a tram map in a foreign language is actually hilariously hard?!

Tstng. One. Two. Three…

This will be a kiltedtwizzles/fencewithzombie co-production involving European shenanigans!

#Europeans2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.
#ZombieTwizzles Poland & Ukraine August 2013.
#Sochi2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.
#CommonwealthGames2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.
#Midsummer2014 in Finland.
#Berlin at some point.

And hopefully more before we settle down and become boring adults with a house and puppies.

See you when I’ve figured out this WordPress malarkey.